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DuPage County Felony Criminal Defense Lawyer

Glen Ellyn Felony Charges Attorney

A strong defense against a felony charge requires the time and energy of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. When you are facing serious charges that could affect your freedom, the criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of George P. Kallas, located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, will protect your rights.

DuPage County defense lawyer George Kallas has significant experience handling complex criminal cases in Illinois. As a former prosecutor, he understands the rules and procedures of the court and knows how to prepare a successful case. He will use his experience on both sides of the courtroom to aggressively defend against a felony charge. Contact a criminal defense law firm or call 630-479-7100 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Illinois Serious Felony Defense Attorney

There are many types of felony charges in Illinois. Certain aggravated circumstances can quickly escalate a misdemeanor charge to a more serious felony charge. The consequences after being charged with a felony can change the rest of your life. When you face one of the following felony charges, you need criminal defense attorney George Kallas who can provide the protection that you need.

  • Felony DUI: A felony DUI is a serious offense after a DUI crash resulting in great bodily harm or permanent disfigurement to a victim. Penalties include loss of driver’s license for at least one year, imprisonment for one to three years and a fine of $10,000.
  • Class X Felonies: Class X felonies include aggravated criminal sexual assault, armed robbery and possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. Class X felonies are the second most serious charge on the books in Illinois, second only to first degree homicide. Class X felonies come with a minimum of 6-30 years in prison.
  • Homicide and manslaughter: When your criminal actions have resulted in the death of another, the prosecutors will likely seek to charge you with either homicide or manslaughter. Felony defense attorney George Kallas has experience handling these complex cases and will use his past experience as a prosecutor to prepare an even stronger defense on your behalf.

Former Prosecutor on Your Side

Attorney George Kallas has handled more than 5,000 felony cases. Many of those cases were taken all the way to verdict. His courtroom experience means that he is equipped to handle complicated felony trials in Cook and DuPage County and present a strong defense strategy against your criminal felony charge.

When you are facing felony charges, work with an attorney who can get you the protection you need. Contact attorney Kallas or call 630-479-7100 to schedule your free initial consultation. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted, and payment plans are available.