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How to Get Your Suspended or Revoked License Reinstated in Illinois

Driving while under the influence (DUI) charges are serious legal issues to encounter. It might seem as though this isn’t a “big deal” as long as you don’t end up in prison, however being convicted of a DUI charge can have a far-reaching negative impact upon your life in many ways. Do you use your car to get from place to place? If so, how are you going to move freely and meet your obligations if your license has been revoked? The inability to drive can be far more debilitating that many of us would like to think. That’s one of the reasons why it is important to hire an experienced attorney who understands DUI law and can ensure you receive the best outcome possible given your specific case.

It is also important to understand how driver’s license reinstatement works in Illinois and how you can expect to go about the process.

What is driver’s license reinstatement?

If you are convicted of a DUI related charge in Illinois, your driver’s license will be revoked for a certain period of time. The exact length depends upon the exact charge in question as well as your criminal history. If you have never been in trouble before, for example, and have no previous convictions for DUI charges, then your license will be revoked for a shorter span of time than if you had multiple prior convictions. Regardless, the revocation of your license means that you are not able to legally drive until you have had your license reinstated.

Note that unlike a license suspension, where your driver’s license is suspended for a set amount of time and is automatically reinstated at the end of that time period, a revocation of your license requires you to do quite a bit of work in order to have your driving rights restored. This can be quite the long and complex process, and it is a good idea to reach out to an attorney who is well-versed in DUI law in Illinois in order to ensure that you receive the best representation possible and have the best possible chance of having your license reinstated.

How do I have my license reinstated?

Keep in mind that licenses are not revoked for minor charges. If you are convicted of a DUI, then the court system revokes your right to drive because they feel you have shown yourself to be unable to handle the responsibility. To reinstate your rights, then, it makes sense that you must work to prove to them that you are fit to drive. It is only through completing this process that you will be able to have your driving rights reinstated.

The first thing you must do is make a written request for a hearing through the Secretary of State. You will receive a response including your hearing notice around 14 days after the request was received. This hearing date is typically within 90 days of the date that you made your request, however they usually take place within six weeks. Please note that the formal hearing is not something that should be brushed off or taken lightly.

If you do not have an attorney representing you, then you should expect the hearing to last quite a while. The Secretary of State’s attorney will ask you anywhere from 80 to 100 questions and your hearing officer will also likely question you. That means that you should be ready to answer a wide range of questions focusing on your past and present, including information about your DUI conviction, arrests, and any drug and alcohol use in your past.

If your request is denied, then you will be given a report that outlines the concerns the attorney had about your request. These should be addressed within three months, at which point in time you can have another hearing. If you have failed to address those concerns, then you can expect yet another denial. It can be very difficult to move past this stage of the process, especially if you are attempting to do so alone. There are many reasons why your request might be denied, and you must carefully present your case if you hope to have your driving rights reinstated.

If your license has been revoked and you would like help in seeing it reinstated, you should reach out to an experienced attorney as quickly as possible. There is no point in waiting – giving your attorney adequate time to prepare your case is vital to success. You also want to make sure that you reach out to a skilled attorney who understands how DUI law works and can help prepare you for your hearing.

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