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DuPage County Expungements Attorney

In today’s economy, it is difficult to get a job, a loan or go to college if you have ever been arrested. Employers routinely do criminal background checks before they hire you. Have you ever been told that you got the job, subject to a criminal background check?

If you have ever been charged, arrested or prosecuted, your criminal record is part of the public record for anyone to see, including potential employers. Even if your case was dropped or dismissed, it will still show up in a public record search.

The Law Offices of George P. Kallas in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, can expunge your case so no one will ever find out you have a criminal background. With more than 20 years of experience handling expungements in the DuPage County area, lawyer George Kallas understands the procedures and can help you clear your record. Contact attorney Kallas or call 630-479-7100 to schedule your free initial consultation.

What Can Be Expunged?

Attorney Kallas can immediately petition for expungement if:

  • You were charged with violation of a local ordinance, a misdemeanor or a felony and you were found not guilty or the case was dismissed
  • You were placed on court supervision and it has been at least two years since the case was closed and you have had no new arrests
  • You were placed on TASC or special drug probation such as 710 probation or 1410 probation, it has been at least five years since the termination of the probation and you have no current charges pending
  • You were given Cook County drug school and it has been at least six months since you were discharged

The expungement process takes a minimum of 90 days to complete after filing your petition for expungement. Once attorney Kallas wins your petition for expungement, the local police will return your fingerprints and booking photo, the state police will remove your information from the computer data system and the clerk’s office will delete or destroy your file.

Experienced Glen Ellyn Lawyer Helping Clear Criminal Records

Law Office of George P. Kallas has a high rate of success doing expungements and we charge a flat rate. If you need help getting a clean public record, speak with a lawyer who has experience handling expungements and pardons in Illinois. Contact attorney Kallas or call 630-479-7100 for a free consultation. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted, and payment plans are available.